• Learn to format your songs with confidence

    You'll learn to optimize each section of your songs. You'll see where to build and where to pull back. You'll learn to write a balanced song.

  • Learn what to keep and what to cut

    Finally understand what to add and what to subtract. How to build your story and create a full body of work can be intimidating. Learn how to snip and create a well rounded song and project.

  • Tell your story

    Finally get the real you on paper. Finally end the confusion of choosing what parts of you to share. Finally see how to organize your story and sing your truth!

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  • 1
    Welcome to RHU's Strictly R&B, Authentic Songwriters Course with Chrisette Michele!
    • A Letter from Chrisette Michele
  • 2
    Creating a Body of Work / Live Talk: "The Ingenious Way Rick Ross Formats Albums" + Music & Money Streaming Basics
    • Creating a Body of Work
  • 3
    Write Your Real Life / Live Talk: Writing IF I HAVE MY WAY + Copyrighting & Split Sheets
    • Week 1: "Write Your Real Life"
    • "Write Your Real Life" | Video 1
    • "Somebody Needs Your Truth" | Video 2
    • "Why Do People Like Certain Songs?
    • A 5 Minute Quiz
  • 4
    Authentic Messaging / Live Talk: Hip Hop Hooks and Collaboration Techniques... Working with Nas, Jay Z and Rick Ross
    • Welcome
    • Welcome Video
    • Authentic Messaging
    • Assignment Explained Part 1: "Give A Little Keep A Little"
    • Assignment Explained Part 2: "Put It In Order, Begin To Look For The Chorus"
    • 4 Reasons You Don't Like Your Song & Authenticity In The GOSPEL & INSPIRATIONAL GENRES
    • "Why Do People Like Certain Songs?"
  • 5
    Song Format & Building a Story Line / Live Talk: The Importance of a Bridge... Writing BLAME IT ON ME + Breaking Down Royalties
    • Song Format and Building a Story Line
    • Song Format & Building A Story Part 1-2
    • Song Format & Building A Story Part 3-7
    • Why Do People Like Certain Songs? Part 3
  • 6
    Creating A Theme / Live Talk: Matching your voice to your songs emotions... Recording A COUPLE OF FOREVERS
    • Creating a Theme
    • Theme Part 1
    • Theme Part 2: My Top 3 “Reasons to Pick A Theme”
  • 7
    Certificate of Completion
    • Certificate of Completion
  • 8
    Bonus Mini-Course: Getting Thru R&B Writers Block
    • Intro!

Strictly R&B Songwriters Course